​How do you say it?

If you're wondering what Ophiuroidea means, and why we chose it as our name, here it goes...Ophiuroidea is a scientific name for a classification of "starfish" like marine animals, specifically the brittle and basket stars.  When deciding a name, we Googled "Scientific name for starfish" and this beautiful word appeared, Ophiuroidea.  The word had a beautiful way about it, and although hard to pronounce (click here to listen to it spoken), we decided it was unique and beautiful, just like our shop.   "The O" was added soon after, as all the local businesses and visitors started to call us "The O", since they didn't know how to pronounce Ophiuroidea ... so it stuck!!  

Turns out the name Ophiuroidea is not a starfish (sea star) at all, but closely resembles them, and they are considered serpent stars, moving along the sea floor wiggling their long arms.  Ophiuroidea means "Serpent" in Greek.

We chose to use a true starfish, the armour star, to represent Ophiuroidea in our logo, which was designed by our friend Desiree Hopf, Conners Way Photography.

 We are located in St. Michaels, Maryland and the Kent Narrows in Grasonville, Maryland.

Our Exclusive Brands

By the Bay Creations

Our line of recycled sail bags, totes, driftwood sailboats and more are now available at  Ophiuroidea Kent Narrows and St. Michaels locations as well as Local by Design locations in Annapolis Mall, Downtown Annapolis and The Gallery in the Arts District of Annapolis.

Get Salty 

Our exclusive Get Salty mermaid line is available at Ophiuroidea Kent Narrows and St. Michaels.

Watercolor Mermaids

Our exclusive watercolor mermaid collection is ever expanding from home decor to SPF shirts.  Available at Ophiuroidea and select items at Local by Design.

Ophiuroidea "the O"
Annapolis Location
1805C Virginia Street, Annapolis, MD 21401
Kent Narrows Location
110 Channel Marker Way Suite 100 Grasonville, MD 21638 
St. Michaels Location
100 S. Talbot Street  St. Michaels, MD  21663

Ophiuroidea "the O"

110 Channel Marker Way Suite 100 (Kent Narrows)  Grasonville, MD 21638 


100 S. Talbot Street  St. Michaels, MD  21663



       About Ophiuroidea "the O"

​If you love the coastal breezy lifestyle, the sand between your toes and the sun on your face, you'll love "The O".   

Ophiuroidea "The O" started in December 2009, and has continued to be a favorite shop among locals and visitors. It's simple, we find things we love to share, from unique and handcrafted coastal items, mermaid art, sea glass jewelry, coastal furniture & home decor and one of a kind finds!   We also look for women owned businesses to support and businesses who give back to environmental charities.

We also founded the Eastern Shore Sea Glass and Coastal Arts Festival.   It all started with four artisans back in 2010 and has grown to be the largest festival in St. Michaels and sea glass festivals in the country.

"Life is Just Like a Wave, You Can't Change the Way it Breaks, Just the Way You Ride it"


Kim Hannon 

Ophiuroidea "The O"